In 2022, The Seafarers’ Charity awarded £3,095,449 in grants to 61 organisations supporting seafarers in need and their families.

Our grant funding supports frontline organisations and projects that provide essential help for seafarers and their families in crisis. Each grant application is assessed against our core goals to ensure the support provided to ensure that your donations go to where the need is greatest.

See the below list to find grants awarded from 2021-2023 to-date.

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Nautilus Welfare Fund

Grant funding to support three different initiatives: top-up fees for care home residents at Mariners' Park; a part-time physiotherapy post; and two caseworker posts in Hull and Portsmouth.

Amount awarded: £178,260

Nautilus Welfare Fund

Grant funding awarded in 2022 to support a top-up in care home fees for mariners residing at Mariners Park, Wallasey and support a part-time physiotherapist post.

Amount awarded: £172,370

Sailors' Society

A grant awarded by the Seafarers International Relief Fund to fund a medical helpline and distribution of 5,000 COVID-19 Care Kits to seafarers at 10 major ports in India. Kits include: a digital thermometer, pulse oximeter, hand sanitizers, mask, basic medicine and vitamins.

Amount awarded: £166,350

Sailors' Society

A grant awarded by the Seafarers' International Relief Fund for the distribution of 4,000 COVID-19 care kits as well as a medical helpline for seafarers in Philippines. The kit includes: pulseoximeter, digital thermometer, hand sanitisers, mask, medicine & vitamins, and information/education leaflet.

Amount awarded: £162,500

Fishermen's Mission

Grant funding awarded in 2022 for organisational core costs (60%) with the remaining 40% split equitably between port welfare programmes in Troon, Kilkeel, Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

Amount awarded: £156,936

Stella Maris

A grant awarded by the Seafarers International Relief Fund to provide food parcels to 1,100 seafaring families in Kochi, Kerala, India. The grant will also fund 35 support workers to deliver post-COVID medical care, counselling and occupational therapy – including 10 specialising in care for children.

Amount awarded: £145,800

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