International Fund
for Fishing Safety

A charitable fund to improve safety in global fishing.

Despite safety improvements in some parts of the world, fishing continues to be a dangerous occupation globally. Estimates range from 25,000 to 100,000 fatalities per year.

As a charity interested in maritime safety, Lloyd’s Register Foundation supports the work being done to shine a light on this global safety issue and The Seafarers’ Charity is delighted to manage the Fund. This fund will help improve the health, safety, and welfare of fishers and support the work of the FISH Platform which continues to encourage safety improvements, and represents the safety and welfare of 36 million global fishers at the IMO.

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Supporting the international fishing industry to improve safety and save lives

The International Fund for Fishing Safety is a unique initiative funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation to support international fishers to improve safety and health in their industry.

This is a new fund launched in 2024 for projects aimed at making an impact to improve international fishing safety and health. The fund is managed by The Seafarers’ Charity and in partnership with the FISH Platform.

What is the fund for?

Applications are invited from anywhere in the world and should be able to demonstrate a direct link between the people who are working in fishing and planned safety improvements. Projects can be locally focused in one country or aimed at an international outcome.

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If you would like to find out if your initiative is suitable for an application to this fund then please get in touch. Talk to our fund coordinator insert email for more advice and see our news stories for examples of the type of projects coming up.

Eligibility Criteria

Successful projects will meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • owned by, and for the benefit of people working in commercial fishing
  • deliver an outcome focused on safety and health for people working in fishing
  • be delivered on a not for profit and/or charitable basis
  • be compliant with, or working towards compliance with, international standards including ILO C188 and the Cape Town Agreement.

See here for full details on applying for grant funding.

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Can you support this fund and donate so that more projects can be implemented which will save more lives in fishing?

This is one of the most dangerous industries globally with an unacceptably high fatality rate. A donation could provide vital additional funding for innovative projects in countries around the world to reduce the risks for fishers. You could make a real impact in helping to prevent deaths and severe injuries worldwide.

Donations will be administered and overseen by The Seafarers’ Charity, a grant funder which has embedded and well-established governance mechanisms and processes for monitoring and evaluation to ensure efficiency and transparency.

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Funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and in partnership with FISH Platform. The Fund is managed by The Seafarers' Charity.

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If you would like to find out if your initiative is suitable for an application to this fund then please get in touch. You can talk to our IFFS Coordinator Alan McCulla for more advice

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