Ambitious. Proactive. Real. We’re seeking out ways to tackle the core, systemic issues so seafarers can live dignified lives.

Since 1917, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of seafarers and their families, at all stages of their lives, through our grant awards to expert delivery partners. Our new strategy 'Thrive' sets out an ambitious plan for strengthening support to seafarers in 2021-2024.

Our strategy 'Thrive'

'Thrive' is a solution-focused approach for further reducing deprivation and need among all who work at sea. We’ll continue to support seafarers through traditional methods as well as getting to the root cause. We want our seafarers to be able to lead dignified and independent lives.

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Our Vision

A world where seafarers and their families are valued and are free of need and disadvantage.

Our Mission

Tackling the disadvantages of a seafaring life by leading collaboration, funding and advocacy to improve seafarers’ lives.

Strategic outcomes to create better lives

We are focusing resources on achieving five long-term outcomes for seafarers to reduce the need and enable greater independence:

1. Enhanced financial resilience

Seafarers and their families, at work and in retirement, have access to confidential and independent advice, information and financial help during challenging times, which can support their economic resilience and build independence.

We will deliver this through information and advice lines, hardship and welfare grants, as well as access to business support for fishers.

2. Better working lives at sea

People working at sea are valued as key workers. They work within sustainable and ethical supply chains and are the backbone of the global economy.

We will deliver this through virtual and port-based welfare services via an international chain of seafarer centres, port welfare committees and ship visitors.

3. Safer working lives at sea

Seafarers are kept safe and return from their seafaring voyages without experiencing accidents or harm.

We will deliver this through supporting better safety practices, risk reduction and enhanced safety culture.

4. Improved health and well-being

Seafarers and their families can obtain health and welfare services that support their mental and physical health and wellbeing at the appropriate time and location; onboard and ashore, while at sea, and during retirement. This includes suitable retirement accommodation in the community of their choice.

We will deliver this through mental and physical health and wellbeing support, as well as accommodation and care homes, and initiatives to tackle loneliness and support relationships.

5. Increased social justice

Seafarers and their families have access to welfare services and programmes that are responsive to the unique needs of working at sea and provide support during retirement. This includes respect for diversity and cultural differences, reducing the fear of bullying or harassment, and supporting human rights.

We will deliver this through access to services and outreach programmes, as well as diversity and inclusivity. We will encourage understanding of the concept of human rights at sea.

We will support our strategic outcomes through collaboration, grant funding and advocacy to improve seafarers' lives and achieve a world where seafarers and their families are valued and are free of need and disadvantage.

We hope you’ll come on the journey with us, as we work harder to help seafarers and their families now and into the future by improving their lives through the removal of disadvantage and hardship.

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