Facebook is a great way to keep connected with your friends and family, and now, you can fundraise for The Seafarers' Charity by starting a fundraiser. You could make a real difference by giving your friends and family the opportunity to get involved.

Any money you raise will go straight towards funding organisations and programmes that make a real difference to the lives of seafarers in need and their families.

Create a Facebook fundraiser

Celebrate your birthday by supporting The Seafarers' Charity

Getting ready to celebrate your birthday? This year, celebrate your day in a special way by setting up a Facebook fundraiser in aid of The Seafarers' Charity. It doesn't have to be instead of cake and cards! A birthday fundraiser posted on your timeline will tell your friends and family what's important to you.

We'd love to share your special day with you and we thank you in advance for thinking of our charity in such a way.

Step by step guide to creating a birthday fundraiser

Facebook fundraisers are a great way to let your friends and family know you’re raising money for The Seafarers' Charity. You can set up a fundraiser to celebrate your birthday, or to help you promote a challenge you are doing.

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. On the left-hand menu, click 'See more' and select 'Fundraisers'.
  3. If your birthday is coming up, you will see a note from Facebook about your special day, asking if you'd like to fundraise for a cause you support.
  4. Click on 'Select Nonprofit'
  5. Search for The Seafarers' Charity
  6. Set a target of how much you want to raise
  7. Set a date when you would like the fundraiser to end
  8. Enter why you have chosen to support our Charity
  9. Pick a cover photo, or use the suggested image
  10. Click 'Create'

That's it! Don't forget to share your fundraiser with your friends and family!

When your fundraiser ends, The Seafarers' Charity will receive the funds you have raised. Facebook pays all the processing fees, so 100% of every donation to your fundraiser will go directly to support The Seafarers' Charity.

Thank you for choosing to share your special day with us and helping to spread the word about the work that we do. Your support makes a huge difference to seafarers in need and their families. See what your donations helped to achieve in 2022.

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