Apply for Grant Funding

Apply for grant funding

If you are an organisation looking for funding to improve fishing safety and health, you can apply for funding below.

For general information on the Fund and the Fund’s purpose and management please see IFFS Web Page.

About the Fund

The Fund is an initiative of Lloyd’s Register Foundation who have made a substantial donation to support improved safety and health for people working in fisheries throughout the world.  The Fund will support the delivery of fishing safety projects which are compliant with, or working towards compliance with, international maritime standards.   

The Fund is managed by The Seafarers’ Charity in partnership with FISH Platform who provide subject matter expertise in respect of fishing safety and have an international network. The Fund aims to support projects which will deliver: 

  • behavioural and cultural change  
  • introduction or enhancement of safety management practices 
  • auditing of safety management systems  
  • training in safety management and risk mitigation 

Grant funding principles

Best endeavours will be used to avoid duplication and overlap of services and interventions amongst maritime charities and Government services. Grants awarded will primarily benefit seafarers who are working in commercial fishing.

Joint applications to support partnership working are encouraged where possible and will be prioritised, particularly in respect of utilising local networks to increase outreach and awareness of safety and welfare initiatives.

Good ideas capable of being replicated internationally will be shared with others operating similar services and interventions. The International Fund For Fishing Safety will not normally provide grant funding in respect of services or items that are:

  • being provided by Government.
  • the responsibility of individual companies for their employees.
  • to be provided by legally responsible parties e.g.: ship owners, governments and/or crewing agencies.

If you’d like to find out more about making an application and discuss your initiative with the Fund coordinator, please email or call the Impact Team on +44 208 248 5293

Apply for funding

Funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and in partnership with FISH Platform. The Fund is managed by The Seafarers' Charity.

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Find Out More

If you would like to find out if your initiative is suitable for an application to this fund then please get in touch. You can talk to our IFFS Coordinator Alan McCulla for more advice

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