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To-date Seafarers International Relief Fund (SIRF) has raised more than US$1.1 million in donations and pledges from key industry players, corporate and individual supporters, all of which goes towards supporting increasing and desperate needs of seafarers and their families resulting from the pandemic.

Since its inception back in May 2021, SIRF has awarded over US$790k in grants to deliver emergency support for seafarers and their families in India as follows:

£83,343 awarded to Stella Maris

to provide 10 oxygenators which will prevent approximately 60 lives being lost to COVID-19; 1,100 food parcels, each sufficient to feed a family of five for one month; and post COVID-19 care, counselling and therapy for one month to help recovery and getting back to work where possible.

£159,350 awarded to Sailors’ Society

to help fund the purchase and distribution of 5,000 COVID-19 Care Kits to seafarers across 10 Indian ports; and a medical helpline that will be staffed by two full time paramedics for 12 months to provide professional advice on COVID-19 symptoms.

£125,000 awarded to ISWAN

to fund priority vaccinations for 5,000 seafarers in approved private hospitals in 16 port areas throughout India; financial assistance of up to £1,000 for 80 seafarers, or their immediate family members, who have been hospitalised by COVID-19 in order to pay for the cost of medicines/hospitalisation or treatment at home; and emotional support for 3,000 seafarers and their families over a six-month period from ISWAN’s existing SeafarerHelp helpline.

£43,500 awarded to Mission to Seafarers

to support a food ingredients programme in Southern India, where many seafarers are experiencing difficulty in taking up new employment contracts, causing severe financial difficulties. The programme will provide 1,350 seafarers with ingredients such as rice, dhal, oil, fruit and vegetables, helping to meet their basic nutritional needs for 15 days.

‘Thank you so much for your support. So many Indian seafarers are losing their jobs at present. This vaccination programme will make a big difference in upcoming times’

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100% of the SIRF donations to date will directly help seafarers in dire need due to COVID-19. More applications for SIRF grants from those working on the ground in the midst of the pandemic are expected and with so much more that needs to be done to save lives and protect livelihoods, SIRF urgently needs further financial support.

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