December 20, 2022

The Nautical Institute opens membership to fishing professionals

In a move that is set to increase global representation and recognition of the professionalism of fishing, The Nautical Institute has opened its membership to the UK and international commercial fishing industry.

The Nautical Institute, a global body for maritime professionals and an international centre for nautical excellence, aims to promote professionalism, best practice and safety throughout the maritime industry. Commercial fishing interests will be represented within The Nautical Institute by this new membership base. At the same time, a formal memorandum of understanding between the Fishing Industry Safety & Health (FISH) Platform and The Nautical Institute will outline plans to develop a strategy to achieve long-term positive change in worldwide commercial fishing.

The interests of fishing members will be represented at a global level through these arrangements, enhancing the professional expertise and input into The Nautical Institute’s technical committees which represent members’ interests at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Professional Membership is a key part of The Nautical Institute and being able to represent the voice of the mariner in key debates and discussions is central to its ethos.

I am delighted that in 2023 we will be formally broadening our membership criteria to welcome members from fishing communities so that we can better represent their interests and concerns. We will develop programmes and initiatives that support their needs and advocate for policies that benefit the entire maritime industry. These maritime professionals have unique knowledge, skills, and experiences that can be valuable to all of our members and can help us lead professional discussions. Those joining the NI will become leaders in their sector and a point of focus for professional development and improvement.

Captain John Lloyd
CEO of The Nautical Institute

Membership of The Nautical Institute demonstrates to the wider maritime community that an individual is recognised for their professional commitment to maintaining the highest standards of seamanship and industry expertise, as acknowledged by the world’s leading organisation for professional mariners.

Benefits of membership of The Nautical Institute include access to a global network of maritime professionals and subject matter experts, a monthly journal, as well as world class and internationally recognised training opportunities designed for continued professional development. All members receive discounted prices on training as well as free training opportunities. The Nautical Institute has recently developed a lead auditor training course to support compliance with the Fishing Safety Management Code. As it builds its fishing expertise, new members will also have the opportunity to influence future representation of commercial fishing at IMO level.

'Professional recognition for fishing skippers in the maritime world has not been universal; certificate of competency equivalency to enable skippers to work in other maritime industries is often hard to obtain. When ‘coming ashore’ to find work skippers often find other maritime employers are not interested in a Class 1 or Class 2 FV ‘ticket’. Nautical Institute membership can change that. The Institute is a professional body of international mariners. I can thoroughly recommend having a look at what they have to offer. As a fishing skipper you are as professional as any Tanker Captain, Oil Rig Supply Vessel Captain, Royal Navy Warship Commander or a Dredger Master; you all have different tasks to complete at sea, but you all have a common purpose; to work professionally and safely at sea.' - Nigel Blazeby, a trustee of The Seafarers’ Charity and a member of The Nautical Institute since 1984

'The Seafarers' Charity played a key role in securing this professional recognition and representation of commercial fishing. We used our convening power to chair a working group to develop and agree a memorandum of understanding between The Nautical Institute and the FISH Platform. I am delighted that fishers will now be able to obtain recognition of their professional skills and that commercial fishing interests represented at the highest level through the Nautical Institute’s NGO consultative status at the International Maritime Organization.' - Deborah Layde, Chief Executive of The Seafarers’ Charity