Our impact

This year to-date the Fund awarded:

  • £7,000 to Not Forgotten Association to provide support to 300 former Merchant Navy
    personnel through recreational and entertainment events and activities to help prevent loneliness and isolation.
  • £15,000 to Shipwrecked Mariners Society to support the provision of an increasing request of emergency grants following the COVID-19 pandemic, for Merchant Navy seafarers and their dependants in real poverty.
  • £20,000 to Age UK for The Silver Line to ensure the continued provision of the much-needed telephone friendship group, which connects older seafarers via regular, supervised conference calls.
  • £1,300 to Falklands Veterans Association to enable a Merchant Navy veteran’s granddaughter to accompany her disabled mother during a visit to the Falkland Islands grave of her Father who was killed in action during the Falkland Islands conflict.
  • £15,000 to Sailors' Children's Society to support children and young people from Merchant Navy families on low incomes to help with essentials such as school uniforms, winter clothes, educational equipment and more.

'Sometimes I just feel like having a chat and there’s no one at that time I can phone. Now I’ve got The Silver Line, I feel I’ve got a whole lot of new friends and have had some lovely conversations.'

Vera, The Silver Line member, thanks to the funding from the Merchant Navy Fund

‘Without the support from Merchant Navy Fund, we wouldn’t be celebrating Simon’s 50th birthday today.’

Ruth’s brother, Simon, was a Merchant Navy seafarer. When things went wrong, Merchant Navy Fund provided essential funding to help him get back on his feet.

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