Douglas*, a retired Merchant Navy mariner, found himself at the challenging crossroads of homelessness and despair.

His journey from the high seas to sofa-surfing came after a relationship breakdown and poor financial management. When he retired, he and his wife couldn’t cope with the new normal of being together constantly. Because she’d always managed family finances too, he was at a loss after their marriage broke down. Someone who dedicated his life's prime to the vast and unpredictable oceans found himself sleeping on a friend's sofa.

As Douglas sank deeper into despair, the Scottish Nautical Welfare Society (SNWS) extended a helping hand to help him reclaim his life and dignity again. Through a combination of grant provision and their holistic, wrap-around community-driven approach, the charity not only secured a roof over Douglas's head but also helped furnish his new home. They went the extra mile by ensuring he also had access to essential items such as clothing, toiletries, and food.

Douglas has regained his independence again, but the SNWS continues to stay connected, ensuring he has all the necessary support, particularly around financial resilience. This contribution ensures the continuation of this vital service, offering hope and assistance to those navigating the challenging waters of homelessness.

In 2023, The Seafarers' Charity awarded a grant of £53,000 to SNWS to help fund their quarterly grants to the charity's beneficiaries, as well as providing a contribution towards their welfare and running costs.

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