Michael*, a Royal Fleet Auxiliary veteran, was medically discharged in 2011. Since then, his family, including his wife and their three daughters, has faced a series of challenges, including poor mental health, the COVID-19 pandemic, bereavement, as well as concerns about home safety and debt. Despite receiving some benefits, their fixed income fell short of meeting their household’s diverse needs.

The Naval Children’s Charity, our delivery partner, stepped in to significantly impact their lives, becoming a constant companion for the family. They offered emotional support and practical advice, ensuring no aspect of their struggles went unaddressed. Michael's caseworker formed a robust bond with him, providing dedicated, person-centred support.

Recognising the unique challenges of each family member, the charity extended their financial aid, recently allocating grants to address one of their daughter’s needs. She received help ranging from clothing to educational support. A winter utility grant also helped relieve the burden of heightened energy costs, while a grocery grant ensured the family could stock up on essentials.

These monthly grants have proven to be a lifeline for Michael’s family grappling with a tight budget. In the face of rising costs and limited financial flexibility, the charity's support has become their beacon of hope.

It's been comforting to realise that good people are working extremely hard behind the scenes. We cannot thank them enough.

Last year, The Seafarers’ Charity awarded a grant of £100,000 to the Naval Childrens’ Charity to help fund their bespoke services that respond to the unique needs of the children of those serving in the Royal Naval Service including the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Reserves.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

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