Grant Funding

Grant Funding Principles

Initially the Fund provided a charitable welfare response in India, but is now open to grant applications to support seafaring communities in other countries, and aims to be responsive to the needs of seafarers wherever they are in the world.

The Fund is focused on providing grant funding for a range of welfare services such as:

  • delivery of personal protective equipment
  • food distribution or food vouchers
  • medication, bereavement counselling
  • family support and potentially
  • hardship grants

Best endeavours will be used to avoid duplication and overlap of services and interventions amongst maritime charities, relief initiatives and Government services. Grants will be awarded to respond to needs identified in the country and local area.

Funded services will primarily benefit working age seafarers directly or their immediate dependents. Retired seafarers are outside of the scope of the Fund but may be included in specific circumstances only if part of a programme primarily supporting working age seafarers.

Joint applications to support partnership working in identified areas are encouraged where possible and will be prioritised, particularly in respect of utilising local networks to increase outreach and awareness of available support.

Good ideas capable of being replicated will be shared with others operating similar services and interventions.


The Fund will not normally provide grant funding in respect of Services or items that are:

  • being provided by Government.
  • the responsibility of individual shipping companies for their employees.
  • to be provided by legally responsible parties e.g.: ship owners, governments and/or crewing agencies.

A decision on grant applications will be made within one week of receipt of application.

Please refer to the Fund’s Governance for more detail and guidelines.

Please note that needs will evolve and SIRF will respond to changing need within the scope of the Fund.

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