Fly the Red Ensign Appeal

Since 2000, Merchant Navy Day on 3rd September has honoured the brave men and women who kept the UK afloat during both World Wars, and celebrated our dependence on modern day merchant seafarers who are responsible for more than 90% of the UK’s imports, including almost half the food we eat, much of the fuel we use, and virtually all the products and goods we tend to take for granted.

Our Fly the Red Ensign on Merchant Navy Day campaign was started in 2015 to address ‘sea blindness’ that appeared to afflict a huge proportion of the population, with widespread public ignorance about the UK’s ongoing dependence on merchant seafarers.

The campaign provides an opportunity to pay tribute to our Merchant Navy, and became an annual event with Red Ensign being flown at many locations ashore, from historic properties in Scotland to parish and town council offices, church towers and village greens across the UK, highlighting the vital role of merchant seafarers – past, present and future.

Fly the Red Ensign 2021 Appeal

For the sixth year running, The Seafarers' Charity successfully campaigned for the Red Ensign – the UK Merchant Navy’s official flag – to be flown on 3rd September on civic buildings and landmark flagpoles. Parish, community, town, city, district and borough councils were all invited to take part, along with higher-tier local authorities, with Red Ensign flown ashore at many locations all around the UK.

This year, in recognition of extreme financial challenges that many working and retired UK seafarers and their families have been facing during the pandemic, we also asked for donations as part of the campaign towards Merchant Navy Fund, as a way of thanking our merchant seafarers who have worked so hard to keep our country going throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Help us give Merchant Navy seafarers somewhere to turn for support at time of crisis

If you would like to support our Appeal, please make a donation online. Your donation will help us give Merchant Navy seafarers and their families somewhere to turn for support at this time of crisis.

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